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About Dr. Frizzell

We care about your smile!

Dr. James has been providing the finest dental care in an utmost professional manner for over 20 years. Although his expertise is in cosmetic dentistry, he also provides exceptional general and family dentistry. Dr. James Frizzell graduated in 1988 from Faculty of Dentistry, University of Toronto and is a member of the Canadian Dental Association and Ontario Dental Association.

This accreditation ensures that he keeps up to date with the latest advances in cosmetic care and technology through extensive continuing education. He has many years of experience in esthetic dentistry and has been acknowledged of providing fine cosmetic treatment by many of his satisfied dental patients throughout the Niagara Region.

Dr. James believes all patients should be treated in a manner that he would expect to be treated in; with respect, professionalism and compassion. As one can see upon entering the office, it is one of warmth, comfort and a big dose of Dr. James' personality, hobbies and interests.

Another little known fact about Dr. James Frizzell is that he spent some time in the Canadian Armed Forces. Some well known facts are his love of fishing and hockey as you might have guessed by looking at the office walls. When not working on patients or spending time with his family Dr. Frizzell can be found out on his boat trying to find the one that got away. You can catch up on his adventures by reading Dr. Frizzell's Blog.